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Meet the Cats


Cricket is a 3 year old American Shorthair who loves napping in a sunny spot and pets! Her favorite pastime at the Happy Tabby is going on walks in the stroller.

Meet Cricket!

Jen is a sweet, affectionate, good boy. He is shy at first, but once he starts playing with his brother, Fizzgig, his big personality shines through! Jen and Fizzgig are a bonded pair, to be adopted together.

Meet Jen! 

Cloverleaf is a sweet, funny, 1 year old tabby with a heart of gold. She is a great lap cat, but in her time at the cafe she has grown to love playing more than anything! She loves string toys, playing tag with the other kitties, and climbing.


Meet Cloverleaf!

Marie is an old soul for a 1 year old tabby! She has the best purr, and is very vocal when she wants affection. She loves to play and cuddle up next to people on the bench seats.


Meet Marie!